Alfalfa 120 ml

General Weakness, Fatigue, Mental & Physical Exertion

Alfalfa 3 DH, Moschus 5 DH, Kali Phos 5 DH, Calc. Phos 5 DH, Nat. Sulph 6 DH

Alfalfa removes away digestion problem and rises food feeding. It’s good for mental stress, tension and body weakness, even effective during any disease and to restore energy in body after any sort of disease. If food feeding is taking in regular quantity and actual growth is not experienced then Alfalfa usage makes internal system strong and gives growth. This is effective even for breast feeding mothers. As we are growing in our lives, there is a change experienced in our social life, food and sleeping modes. Due to hectic life schedule, our food taking habits and sleeping modes has been changed drastically and have left damages for our bodies. In this hectic life we are unable to handle health issues with care and this shows as our immune system has been disturbed and makes everyone life unhappy. Islam and modern research has showed us that before discovery of any new disease its symptoms makes us informed in advance. If we start taking these symptoms seriously now then we may remain safe from the side effects that we may have to face in later. We are facing different depressions and mental stresses and due to our life styles indications like physical and mental exertion, hastiness, anger, and fear may be experienced if we don’t treat these indications seriously that may lead to us towards weakness and laziness.

WS Pharmacy have already placed such products in market that cures different sort of diseases and to proceed this effort we are offering after extensive clinical trials Alfalfa syrup that has unique importance in Homoeopathy and is a blend of such medicine that cures different diseases at once.

Adults: 1-2 tablespoonfuls thrice a day
Children: 1-2 teaspoonfuls thrice a day, or as directed by your physician.

Do not use anything containing citric acid (Synthetic)

120 ml syrup

Manufactured By
W. S. Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Research
Centre (Regd.) Lahore-Pakistan.