Asoka Plus

Leucorrhoea, metritis, irregular & painful menses, habitual abortion, muscular weakness & sterility

Jonesia Asoka 6x, Pulsatilla 6x, Bufo 6x, Xanthoxylum 6x, Ova Testa 3 D

Women have to face different kind of diseases during fertile periods. In most cases young girls faces during menses pain and blood wastage in their earlier days. If these diseases are cured on time then these diseases becomes vital to cure and may disturb to reproductive system. Nowadays in such modern era these sorts of diseases are found in common in married and bachelor females for instance leucorrhoea, irregular and delayed menses create mess in their lives and such diseases are dangerous for fertile and birth of babies. Abortion and leucorrhoea are such painful diseases that end in one’s life as depression and self confidence ends.

We are offering such a product produces effective results in such critical conditions and restores productive system and health as never before.

1 tablet thrice a day or as directed by your Physician.

Do not use anything containing citric acid (Synthetic)

500 Tablets

Manufactured By
W. S. Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Research
Centre (Regd.) Lahore-Pakistan