Heamaton tablets indicated in Iron Deficient Anaemia’s, Megaloblastic Anaemia’s Of Pregnancy & Pernicious Anemia

Ars. Alb. 7 DH, Chrysophenic. Acid 4 DH, Cardiosperma 2 DH, Rhus Tox. 6 DH, Psorinum  5 DH

Anaemia is reduction of red cells in our blood. Haemoglobin is a protein that is found in red cells that supplies oxygen to tissues and plays role for excretion of carbon dioxide from lungs. There are three main reasons of Anaemia

  1. Wastage of blood
  2. Erythropoiesis
  3. The excess of erythrocyles destruction

Anaemia itself is not a disease in fact it is indicated due to reasons of other diseases. This is considered as much important because we human beings are targeted much of it.

WS Pharmacy has developed a product after extensive clinical trials Heamaton to fix Anaemia and recovers its reduction level with fullest.

One tablet thrice a day or as directed by your physician

Do not use anything containing citric acid (Synthetic)

20 Tablets

Manufactured By
W. S. Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Research
Centre (Regd.) Lahore-Pakistan

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