Anti Aging

anti aging

Hormone replacement therapy (hrt), aging fatigue, freckles & wrinkles, loosening of the skin, loss of vitality, lack of collagen fibre, to improve the smil line, hot flushing, and menopausal disorders

Alfalfa 4DH, Ambra 4 DH, Calc. Fluorica 6 DH, Ginkgo Biloba 3 DH, Ginsing 3 DH, Moschus 4 DH, Petroleum 6 DH, Pituitary Gland 30 CH

Human life is reflecting of different stages, and sometimes we have to face happiness, sadness, household crises and financial crises etc, all these crises effects deeply on our nerves system. This depression effects primarily to our nervous system and moves to human body next. And, this way a person looks to be in old age, if we give life to nerves then we may succeed to recover one’s health. Nowadays we have to face Psychological, household and financial crises and to defend our nervous system we should do something to restore our natural condition.

When the female enters to post menopause face different kinds of diseases target to them. And, many female patients perceive this to be as part of life and no treatment is taken. So, in this world many medicines used as HRT leaves huge side effects on female lives that makes female patients unpleasant for usage of such medicines.

WS Pharmacy has discovered a curable treatment that removes dark circles around eyes, black spots on face, recovers nervous system, removes indications of post menopause, aging fatigues, freckles & wrinkles etc. Anti aging is the only medicine that addresses all of these diseases at once and restores natural body performance; skin issues as well.

One Tablet thrice a day after the meal or as directed by your physician

Do not use anything containing citric acid (Synthetic)

30 Tablets

Manufactured By
W. S. Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Research
Centre (Regd.) Lahore-Pakistan