W.S # 9


For all forms of acute & chronic inflammation and suppuration of tonsils.

Bar. Carb. 6 DH, Bar. Mur. 6 DH, Hepar Sulph. 6 DH, Belladonna 6 DH, Calc. Phos. 6 DH

The tonsils are a pair of lymphoid tissue placed one on each side of the pharynx. They act as the first line of defense in infections spreading from the nose, mouth and throat. They may fail to resist infections in tonsillitis. Tonsillitis may be acute or chronic. It is the disease of ages from childhood to thirty. Acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis produce, sore throat fever, tonsil enlargement, painful swallowing, cough and speech defects.
In chronic cases, the inflamed tonsils become a source of infection and produce a number of complications like sinusitis, otitis media bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, appendicitis myocarditis and endocarditis leading to heart failure. In addition to this chronic tonsillitis in children of growing age produces general malnutrion, low bodily health, growth retardation, short stature and anaemia.

In other system of medicine, there is practically no medicinal treatment of chronic tonsillitis except tonsillectomy. W.S. Homoeopathic pharmacy & research centre has prepared a medicine which is effective in all cases of acute or chronic tonsillitis, sore throat associated with pharyngitis and laryngitis and tonsillar hypertrophy.

Its use in chronic tonsillitis not only prevents from complications but also brings the hypertrophied tonsils back to their normal size and keeps the patient away from surgery.

15 to 20 drops three times a day diluted in a small amount of water.

Do not use any thing containing citric acid. (Synthetic)

20 ml Drops

Manufactured By
W. S. Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Research
Centre (Regd.) Lahore-Pakistan.