Power Gin Tablets

Power Gin Tablet


From ancient times there have been immense studies and experiments on different remedies and medicines that can enhance male health and power. If due to any reason male weakness develops then it’s very crucial as well as difficult for the one to face the society. So it’s very important to evaluate and cure the male weakness in time that might be able to cause several complications like, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and most commonly male infertility.
As far as these diseases are concerned, they belong to hormones secreted from pituitary gland and brain.
HA Pharma has prepared “Power Gin” which is a combination of such Nutraceutical herbs, which not only deeply affects human endocrine system but also gives strength to human body, especially Ginseng and Ginkgobiloba.

Power Gin is an excellent male tonic. It also has an additional quality that it not only cures male weakness for the time being, but its regular use will permanently cure male weakness. The result is a versatile formula that should be taken daily to build a strong physical and emotional reservoir of health. Daily use of our powerful blend may help to prevent degradation of the immune system and help with the general physical housekeeping associated with longevity and resilience. This formula is perfect for people who prefer to consume their vitamins and beneficial compounds form whole food sources instead of isolated vitamins.

Use: For male weakness.

Dosage: One tablet daily with Luke warm milk or as prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Packing:  20 Tablets.

Precautions:  No special precautions required for use of PowerGin. Use of almond, milk, honey and eggs enhances the efficiency of PowerGin.

Marketed By: HA Pharma

Manufacturer:  W.S Pharmacy and Research Centre (Regd) Lahore, Pakistan

Note:  Diabetes and heart patients can also use this medicine. This medicine is tested clinically and has no side effects.

Approved by:

P.C.S.I.R Laboratories LHR Pakistan.