Smarty Tablet

Smarty Tablet

Indications: Following a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent overweight and obesity. Many lifestyle habits begin during childhood. Thus, parents and families should encourage their children to make healthy choices. Obesity is such a condition, in which excessive fats start to accumulate in body and one starts gaining weight. Obesity has two major factors.

  1. Exogenous:  This is due to excess intake if calories and their less utilization.
  2. Endogenous:  This is due to inherited metabolic disorder.

Obesity causes immense changes in one’s life. If left untreated it can cause severe diseases like diabetes mellitus, cardiac problems, kidney failure, gall stones, arthritis, hypertension, varicose veins, flat feet, osteoarthritis. Obesity is more common in females. Both genders are found now to prevent themselves from obesity. Smartness enhances your beauty and also works to look active and removes worries for obesity. W.S pharmacy and Research Centre LHR (Regd) became successful in making “Smarty” which is a combination of various herbs and is a Nutraceutical medicine which reduces fat without causing any weakness. Smarty makes you smart among your friends & family and improves your lifestyle. Being smart looks attractive that adds confidence in your personality and create charms.

Use:  for obesity

Dosage:  One tablet twice a day or as prescribed by a medical practitioner.

Packing:  20 Tablets.

Precautions:  Avoid from foods containing carbohydrates, and fats. Use vegetables and fresh vegetable’s salad regularly.

Marketed By: HA Pharma

W.S Pharmacy and Research Centre (Regd) Lahore, Pakistan

This medicine is clinically tested and has no side effects.

Approved By:
P.C.S.I.R Laboratories LHR Pakistan