Shield is a Homoeopathic Natural / bio based broad-spectrum pesticide against seed born diseases. In Shield highly diluted & potentized homoeopathic medicines are used as active ingredients. These medicines are active against fungal infection but not detectable in lab analysis. For detection, Mother Tincture of Alfalfa & Hydrastis are used.

Aim And Targets
Now days all the crops are suffering some seed born diseases & there is a need to treat the seeds before sowing. In market there are many conventional pesticides available for seed treatment but these entire product disturb the seed quality. Shield is unique seed treatsments which not only work as a seed treatment against seed born diseases but also control the early attack of sucking.

Mode Of Actions
Homoeopathic natural / Bio pesticide is contact and systemic pesticides which have special drug affinity towards the oxidation centre of the pest and cause the suffocation which results in mortality of the pest.

100 ml Shield contains

Alfalfa = 200 X 20 ml
Aconite = 200X 20 ml
Eucalyptus.= 600C 20 ml
Sterculia = 200X 20 m
Chamomilla = 1X 10 ml
Hypericum =1X 10 ml

All Formulation prepared in 50 % Alcohol & 50 % distill water.

According to the below mentioned drug definition there is no drug in Shield.
Drug” includes-g) “drug” includes

(I) any substance or mixture of substances that is manufactured sold, stored, offered for sale or represented for internal or external use in the treatment, mitigation, prevention or diagnosis of diseases, an abnormal physical state, or the symptoms thereof in human beings or animals or the restoration, correction, or modification of organic functions in human beings or animals, not being a substance exclusively used or prepared for use in accordance with the Ayurvedic, Unani, Homoeopathic or Biochemic system of treatment except those substances and in accordance with such conditions as may be prescribed.

Effectiveness Time Frame
The above-mentioned mode of action start immediately after the treatment and completion period is 45 days.

How and when:
• Before sowing
• For the better results always make the 1% solution of Shield & Treat the seed thoroughly

There is no toxicity of Shield for human beings, livestock and plants because all of those medicines, which are used in homoeopathic natural / Bio fungicide, already used in homoeopathic system of medicines, naturopathy and herbal system of medicines for the treatment of human beings, plants and livestock.

250 ml

250 ml / 10 kg in cotton or 1% solution for vegetables