Depressnil drops

Treatment and prophylaxis in all forms of depressive disorders. Depressnil can be taken in pregnancy and during lactation

Acid Phos 7 DH, Staphysagria 3 DH, Gelsemium 6 DH, Ignatia 12 DH

Patient doesn’t take its 8 hour sleep, nervous stress, mental distortion, tension, and unpleasant moment’s eradication, Depressnil has been manufactured to cater all above discussed shocks and a better remedy experienced. Due to different kind of tensions, mental stresses, unpleasant moments of life make one’s life unhappy. Any sort of depression, tension and stress effects over sleep and one may not take its sleep well.

WS Pharmacy has discovered a medicine after extensive clinical trials that release one patient from depression, tension and mental stresses etc. with regular usage. This medicine cures all kinds of stresses, and makes you easy with no tension; patient feels pleasant and takes its sleep of 8 hours.

There are twelve reasons to use Depressnil drops.

1)      It works for all sorts of tension, depression, and as shocks reliever
2)      It directly releases the pain
3)      Depression, stress and mental distortion in all condition, this works best and effective even during pregnancy
4)      Like other medicines during sleep there is no damage to CNS, it restores one’s sleep that may be disturbed due to all above described conditions.
5)      Patient enjoys natural sleep
6)      Depressnil is such effective medicine that if one patient takes ten times medicine and can drive easily
7)      You can operative any kind of machinery after usage of Depressnil
8)      This medicine is used to raise concentration
9)      This medicine leaves no side effects over breast feeding mothers.
10)  This is drug free medicine
11)  No side effects over liver
12)  Our body doesn’t get addicted of this medicine usage

10-15 drops three times a day diluted in small amount of water. Or as directed by physician

Do not use anything containing citric acid (Synthetic) 

10 ml drops

Manufactured By
W. S. Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Research
Centre (Regd.) Lahore-Pakistan