Hand Made Potencies

Handmade potencies also keep importance in Homoeopathic system, as the procedure was invented by Dr. C.F.S Hahnemann. Handmade potencies are also known as foundation as mother tinctures. W.S Pharmacy is known as Pioneer in Pakistan for Handmade potencies concept. We are the only business unit in Pakistan producing more than 600 potencies as a remedy for different diseases available in 3DH, 6DH, 12DH, 100CH, 200CH, and 1000CH categories. And, all potencies are prepared with finest alcohol. If one potency receives 10 jerks; hence each 200CH receives 200 jerks and so on. At any rate a new power seems to have been developed which has frequently cured a case unaffected by the lower potencies. We offer handmade potencies in 20 ml, 120 ml and 450 ml but giving now new life to handmade potencies product portfolio we extend its product line by launch of 30 ml.