Hepa 100

Hepa 100 (Syrup/ Tablet) ” A Natural Rescue to Liver Therapy throughy “Silymarin” “.

1-  Silymarin a flavonoid being extracted from milk thistle.
2-  Protect liver from toxins thus being Hepatoprotective.
3-  Markedly reduce ALT & AST.
4-  It may help in repairing & growing new cells as it has anti – oxidant & anti – flammatory properties.
5-  Markedly improves liver function & increases survival in people with Cirrhosis.
6-  Effective in treatment of Alcoholic Hepatitis, Hep A,B & C.
7-  Research suggested that silymarin have anti – cancer effects in hepatocellular carcinoma. It stops cencer cells from dividing, reduce blood supply to tumors & shorten their lifespan.
8-  A Nutraceutical product with no known side effects & having other extracts to enhance efficacy.
9-  Suitable for all age groups.

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