Bio Natural Pesticides

The Homoeo Medicines for plants have been introduced first time for plant protection after a long research by Homoeo Professor. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain Waris from Pakistan. To invent the Homoeo Medicines for plants, the dynamic powers of plants and herbs are potentised through bio-dynamic preparation. The process for the invention of Homoeo Medicines for plants is focused on two main fronts, firstly, the correct identification of plants and herbs with the desired elements and their combinations. Secondly, the right process for correct activation of each element.research The derived Homoeo medicines for plants have the ability being broad spectrum in their power range for pests controlling.All Homoeo Medicines for plants are totally homoeopathic based, have not any harmful and toxic effects at human beings, plants and livestock. Research data also indicates that these Homoeo Medicines for plants have not any harmful and negative effect on soil chemistry and environment, It is Possible As Quran Says “And Allah did not create any sickness for which He did not send down a cure” It is truth for all living things on earth.

Characteristics of Homoeo Medicines for plants
Natural, new invention, new technology for pests management.
Non – toxic and non-harmful for human being, livestock and fish etc.
Environmentally non-pollutant.
Crop friendly, with no biological and physio-chemical harmful effects.
Activity, rapid and long lasting.
Action, highly systemic and translaminar.
No adverse effect on soil chemistry.
Expiry time of all products is minimum five year.

Homoeo Medicines for plants do not have compatibility with any other chemical.
Try to spray at evening time to achieve the better results from Homoeo Medicines for plants.
Don’t make solution Homoeo Medicines for plants with adulterated canal water.
To control cotton mealy bug use hand spray machine and wash the plants thoroughly.