W.S clinics were established in 1988 and patients from all over the world come for their medical problems. There are three W.S established Clinics currently having more than 300 clients daily. WS Homoepathic Teaching Hospital has the honour to produce more than 2000 homoeo doctors doing successful practice.

W.S clinics are unique for the treatment of hepatitis A,B,C. CRF, Arthritis, Hyper Tension & Diabetes Indoor facilities are also available and for the first time in history of homoeopathy there is an emergency unit where all the emergencies right from electric shock to cardiac emergency of course with homoeopathic medicines are managed.

These clinics are advocating homoeopathic system of medicine while treating and curing all those diseases which are considered for surgical management. A homoeopathic beauty clinic is also situated in Gulberg for beauty treatments without going to any surgical procedures.