According to Stuart Close, “Homeopathic potentisation is a mathematical – mechanical process for the reduction, according to scale, of crude, inert or poisonous medical substances to a state of physical solubility, physiological assimilability and therapeutic activity and harmlessness, for use as Homeopathic healing remedies.”

The “mathematics” of potentisation is the scale under which the drug substances in their crude, original form or state are reduced or quantitatively decreased in a definite ratio.

This reduction is followed by the mechanical part of potentisation In the preparation of potencies of liquid drug substances three scales are used

  • Centesimal
  • Decimal
  • Fifty Millesimal

In the preparation of potencies from solid drug substances, decimal and centesimal scales are used. When the trituration attains 6X potency; then only it is fit to be converted into liquid potency and subsequently treated.

W.S Pharmacy is known as Pioneer in Pakistan for Handmade potencies concept.

We are the only business unit in Pakistan producing more than 600 potencies as a remedy for different diseases available in different categories according to the potency

  • 3 DH, 3 CH
  • 6 DH, 6 CH
  • 12 DH, 12 CH
  • 30 DH, 30 CH
  • 100 DH, 100 CH
  • 200 DH, 200 CH
  • 1000 DH, 1000 CH
  • 10M
  • 50M
  • CM

At any rate a new power seems to have been developed which has frequently cured a case unaffected by the lower potencies.

We offer handmade potencies in 20 ml, 120 ml and 450 ml however giving a new lease of life to handmade potencies product portfolio we have extended its product line by launch of 30 ml packing.


Federal Provisional Enlistment No. Allotted (Form-7 Holder Company)

Federal Provisional Enlistment No. Allotted (Form-7 Holder Company)