standard-title QUALITY CONTROL


WS‘s pharmaceutical quality control testing laboratory is fitted with state-of-the-art analytical equipment and testing facilities. Our team of highly qualified and experienced staff works to develop and deliver testing and analytical solutions to add value to our products. We specialize in a range of chemical and microbiological testing capabilities. WS has carved a niche for itself in the exceedingly competitive and quality-conscious sphere of pharmaceuticals manufacturing.

W.S Homoeopathic pharmacy and Research Centre has set Standard and staging through which whole manufacturing process passes and have professionally trained team to give a constant check over quality at each level. Every medicine is clinically researched and tested making no concession on quality.

Our quality control services start from the procurement of raw materials to the finished product until it gets consumed by the patient.

Quality Control Department of WS pharmacy and Research Centre ensures that our product will have the following characteristics:

  • Genuine Quality as well as good nature
  • Physically and chemically pure
  • It contains same amount of ingredients as mentioned on the label
  • It must be in such a form that after applicable is effective
  • Quality in terms of shelf life/stability
  • No toxic impurities

The most important contribution of microbiology laboratory for the prevention of microbial contamination of products is undertaken following Pharmacopeial guidelines. Our team of pharmacists and microbiologists works synergistically to ensure sterility, determining microbial contamination or bio-burden, process water testing, analyzing endo-toxins or identifying flora from environmental monitoring processes. We work not only to provide comprehensive quality product but also timely and effective solutions to any challenges that our product face.


Our Pharmacognosy laboratory fulfills fundamental needs of classical laboratory applications without compromising on quality and safety. The laboratory is utilized for morphological and anatomy study of drugs of plant origin as well as for basic guidelines regarding natural source of drugs and phyto-chemical screening through various instruments.


Federal Provisional Enlistment No. Allotted (Form-7 Holder Company)

Federal Provisional Enlistment No. Allotted (Form-7 Holder Company)