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(Effective control against white fly)



The black warrant is a Homoeopathic & Natural based broad-spectrum pesticide against Cotton White Fly. In the Black warrant, highly diluted & potentized homoeopathic medicines are used as active ingredients. These medicines are active against Cotton White Fly but not detectable in lab analysis. For detection, a Mother Tincture of calendula is used.
Aim and Targets
Black warrant specially designed against the Cotton White Fly as per international record Cotton is the second important crop of our country after wheat, in terms of area and value-added. Over the last several years, raw cotton and its textile products have contributed on an average about 60 percent of the total annual national exports besides providing employment to sizeable manpower of the country. It also yields 3.4 to 3.6 million tons of cotton seeds, which contributes over 64 percent of the local edible oil production. Cottonseed is also used extensively in milk production.
In addition, over 2 million tonnes of cotton oil cake is also obtained which is used as livestock feed. A significant part of cottonseed is also fed to the lactating animals. Thus, in the country cotton plays a vital role in the economic development of the country in both the major sectors i.e. agriculture and industry. Punjab and Sindh are the major cotton-growing provinces. The respective shares of the two provinces in cotton production are estimated at 81 and 19 percent, respectively. In the light of the above-mentioned facts, it is our national responsibility to save the cotton crop.
It is a matter of fact that many serious diseases & Pest are attacking the cotton crop. White Fly is also among them which damage cotton crop seriously & also cause the CLCV. There are many chemicals to control this insect, but they have no effect against CLCV Different Studies are shown that chemicals & poison sprays seriously affect the immune system of plants & cause many diseases Homoeopathic & Natural insecticides for different Crops. We have a good product against white Fly & CLCV which is Non-Toxic & Non-Chemical Major aim is to control the cotton insects without poison & chemicals with Homoeopathic & natural pesticides & Produce non-toxic Milk & edible oil seed also.
Mode of Actions
Homoeopathic natural pesticides are contact and systemic pesticides which have a special drug affinity towards the oxidation center of the pest and cause suffocation which results in mortality of the pest. The predators are not affected because of the anatomical difference between parasites & Predators.


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