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Effective control of wheat aphid




Rigorous is a Homoeopathic & Natural based broad-spectrum pesticide against wheat Aphid. In rigorous, highly diluted & potentized homoeopathic medicines are used as active ingredients. These medicines are active against Wheat Aphid but not detectable in lab analysis. For detection, there are following mother tinctures are used in the different ratio:
1. Mother tincture of Calendula
2. Mother tincture of Ginkgo Biloba

Aim and Targets

Rigorous specially designed against the Wheat Aphid as per international record it is confirmed that there is no specific chemical for Wheat Aphid. Because all the available pesticides are Poison which is not recommended on Wheat, but
Rigorous is a homoeopathic & Natural product designed to meet the requirements of needful. The target of the above-mentioned homoeopathic pesticides is to control the wheat Aphid and enhance the Production of Wheat.


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