NOTE: Avoid Self Medication, it can be dangerous. Consult your general homeo physician before taking any medicine.

W.S # 29


For cervical pain.


Catabolic actions in the body increase along with passing age which influence various normal physical actions in the body, especially sixth and seventh vertebrae affected more by these degenerative actions. These vertebrae exert more pressure on the spinal cord and nerves that resulted in severe neck stiffness which increases along with the movement of the neck. In such conditions heaviness and weakness felt in shoulders, hands, and arms, sometimes arms and hands are numbed. With the complication of such disease, the legs can also be affected along with arms. For such a condition the neck collar is used for a long period of time that can influence routine life activity. This medicine inhibits the degenerative activity of cervical vertebrae and overcomes all such symptoms that influence normal activity.


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