NOTE: Avoid Self Medication, it can be dangerous. Consult your general homeo physician before taking any medicine.



Effective For Adynamia (General weakness), Sexual Neurasthenia, Loss of strength, Debility, Premature ejaculation, Aversion to physical and mental work, Night discharge, Lack of coordination in a bodily organ.

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The human body is a gift of nature created with perfection, if we take care of it there would be no disturbance in our lives. If we use unnatural ways to our body we may be facing big deficiencies in life. These deficiencies may include nervous system weakness, male impotence, etc. In such cases, people used to spend more money on medicines without keeping in view their serious side effects. This has been proofed scientifically that all these sorts of male impotency medicines damage to liver, kidney, and heart badly. W.S Pharmacy has prepared medicine that keeps the liver, kidney, and heart safe from such diseases by regular usage. Regular usage of this medicine results in recovery from such diseases and gives a long-lasting feeling as the disease has never occurred before.


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