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An Effective Tonic for babies and indicated in Anorexia, Dwarfism, Dentition

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A balanced diet, weather conditions, and different sorts of diseases deeply affect on physical and mental growth of children. A balanced diet includes albumose, vitamins, proteins and water, etc that not only delivers energy but also provides physical and mental growth as well. Lack of hunger, improperly balanced diet, or illness of baby stops growth, weakens bones, reduces weight, slow growth of dentition. These indications can be cured easily. Baby Tonic syrup is an effective product against all the above indications found and cured easily. It’s effective for growing children makes them physically as well as mentally strong and increases appetite as per age requirement. Its regular usage results in the timely dentition of children’s strong bones, healthy looks, and active habits, and such development becomes part of life. When a child is physically and mentally strong he would look active and healthy as well.


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