NOTE: Avoid Self Medication, it can be dangerous. Consult your general homeo physician before taking any medicine.



Adynamia (General weakness), Sexual Neurasthenia, Loss of strength, Debility, Malfunction of the liver, Hair fall, Premature ejaculation, Poor memory, Aversion to physical and mental work, Loss of sleep, Prostatorrhoea, Night discharge, Lack of co-ordination in bodily organs.


The human body is a beautiful gift of nature. Our body can’t be damaged if we treat it naturally. Our body may get the worst results if treated wrongly. This damage affects our nervous system and Prostatorrhoea weakness and all treatments become expensive. It has been experienced scientifically that medicines used for impotency are dangerous for the liver, renal, and heart. Even liver cancer is diagnosed by using such sort of medicines even though restriction is imposed on import of such medicines as well, known as sex tonics. Some similarities may be found in other countries as well. Homoeopath is a natural treatment in which high-quality medicines are being used for the treatment of such symptoms effectively.

W.S Nervotone Drops are effective and safe in nature that not only addresses Prostatorrhoea but also removes all certain damages.

Ingredients in Nervotone:

  • Olium Santali is used as a primary tool to restore natural power and enhances nervous performance.
  • Lycopodium is used to recover damaged liver and releases some sort of digestion problems.
  • Sulphur is used as Anti Psoric that removes all damages internally and develops the natural conditions.
  • Selenium is a rare element that removes impotency.
  • Acid Phos is such a medicine that is discussed briefly in Homoeopathy, and it’s enough quantity presence in a body is necessary and its less quantity available in our body creates hair fall problem, memory problem, and weakness in erectile dysfunction.

Nux Vomica is essential for human body muscles and nervous flexibility. This makes the human body muscles strong and produces flexibility.  It eradicates constipation, digestion system, and spleen damages that add glow to the face and makes you attractive. Even this medicine with its nature considered the first research-based product of Pakistan.


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