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W.S # 13


Bleeding, burning, Gaseous distension of abdomen, and cramps associated with peptic ulcer.


W.S. Homoeopathic Pharmacy & Research Center (Regd.) Lahore has prepared a medicine for the complete cure of peptic ulcers. This medicine also acts as antacids to reduce the acidity in the stomach & it is also anti-flatulence.
The term peptic ulcer applies to the mucosal ulceration near the acid-bearing regions of G.I.T. Especially the stomach duodenum, jejanum & ileum. 90-95% of duodenal ulcer occurs in the 1st part of the duodenum. While in the case of the stomach gastric ulcer occurs most frequently in the lesser curvature of the stomach.

The aetiology of the peptic ulcer depends on various factors these are the following HELICOBACTER PYLORI: It is the most important aetiological factor in the peptic ulcer disease accounting for 90% of duodenal ulcer & 70% of gastric ulcer. HEREDITY: Peptic ulcer tends to run in families. Two specific factors identified are large parietal cell mass & blood group & blood group antigens. Those with blood group “O” are more suspectable of peptic ulceration.

NSAIDS: NSAIDs especially aspirin & other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs damages the gastric mucosa barrier & are important aetiologic factors in 30% of cases of gastric ulcers.

SMOKING: Smoking is another important risk factor & because of smoking the rate of healing decreases & the risk of recurrence increases.

A peptic ulcer is also associated with diseases or known factors.
In patients with cirrhosis, COPD, Cor pulmonale & the incidence of peptic acid increases. Steroids in high doses, severe burns, use of alcohol dietary factors & stress in some cases also causes peptic ulcer.

The important clinical feature of this disease is pain in the epigastrium which is burning in character, vomiting which relieves the pain of gastric ulcers. Some patients may not have pain. They may complain of nausea & retrosternal burning. Few patients with a present history of acute pain with hematemesis, due to perforation of ulcer. On clinical examination, deep tenderness in the epigastrium is present in most of the cases.


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