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W.S # 2


For prostate enlargement resulting from inflammation, congestion, and infection. Also indicated in Prostatorrhoea, frequent micturition and discharge during passing stool


Prostate enlargement takes place because there is hyperplasia affecting the glandular element & connective tissues, in varying degrees. There are various theories that are concerned with prostate enlargement. Important of these are hormone theory & neoplastic theory. Hormonic theory states that prostate enlargement takes place because of the predominance of estrogenic Hormone which occurs with advancing age. The neoplastic theory postulates that the enlargement is a benign neoplasm.

Important clinical features are increased frequency of micturition. Initially nocturnal but later present both by day & night. This is an urgency & difficulty in micturition. Stream of urine will be variable, often weak. Tending to stop & start & dribbles towards the end of micturition. There will be terminal dribbling, acute retention of urine, or dull pain in loins when hydronephrosis commences. There may be retention with overflow, urine constantly dribbles away or there is nocturnal enuresis. Uremic symptoms may be present e.g. headache fits & drowsiness. Kidneys may be enlarged along with tenderness in renal areas.


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