Cold, flu cough like nasal congestion, sinus, runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, body aches & pain associated with cold, flu & sinusitis

Ant. Tart 6 DH, Ars. Alb. 6 DH, Eupharasia 6 DH, Aconite 6 DH, Ferr Phos. 3 DH, Nat Mur 3 DH, Silicea 3 DH

The common cold and flu (influenza) are very common infections of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, ears and sinuses). Colds and flue are caused by viruses. The infections are contagious, passed on by tiny droplets and hand contact.

There are hundreds of different types of virus that can cause a cold. Flu is caused by Influenza virus. There are three major kinds : A (often the cause of flu epidemics), B and C. The flu virus is changing its structure, so new strains appear each year. We don’t have immunity to the new strains, which is why we can catch flu repeatedly.

Anyone can catch flu or cold. The peak season for colds is the colder winter months, not only because of the weather but because central heating dries out the normally moist nasal mucosa an important defense against invading viruses. However, you can catch a cold at any time of the tears; one particular type of cold virus thrives in the summer

A cold cause a
a)      Stuffy or runny nose
b)      Sneezing
c)      Sore throat
d)      Cough
e)      Mild fever
f)       Tiredness

Lasting two to four days. These symptoms develop gradually.

Flu is more severe with a high fever (usually 39oc or above), chills, headache, intense muscle pains, exhaustion, loss of appetite, cough and sometimes a blocked nose and sore throat. Symptoms develop suddenly and it may last a week or more. Possible complications of the include pneumonia.

One Tablet thrice a day after meal or as directed by your physician

Do not use anything containing citric acid (Synthetic)

30 Tablets

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